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A blog dedicated to the adventures of the pokemon trainer, Starfy, and their team throughout the Johto region.
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RIGHT WELL, HELLO FOLLOWERS. I know I said I’d be rebooting the comic, but I don’t think that’s the case!

See, What was really dragging me down was the method I used to make the comic. I made it digitally, which wasn’t really working out for me because I had to use photoshop and my computer can’t handle anything so it lagged. Not to mention it was just really time consuming, even with how lazy I was being.

After a bit of thinking, I will be transferring the comic over to traditional format using regular U.S paper, pencils and markers. I’ve been drawing out a few thumbnails, and now that my school’s drama club’s big show (which I was apart of) is over I will have time to work on it! Get ready to see some updates soon, and thanks for sticking with me!

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In this update:
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pen pressure cut off again

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apparently I couldn’t find anything more useful to do at 4 AM so I made this great visual representation of the journey of making a comic, from an idea to its realization (at least, what I’ve observed so far of the process)
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While the color scheme may burn your eyes at first, just think about this

I could’a made it neon green, just like my sister’s blog was before I fixed it. Now, until I manage to draw a few more things, I’m gonna have to use random images for the sidebar and a few other things. I hope you guys don’t mind!

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I’m struggling to find a theme I like

I like this one, but it has no extra links, and the one that does have extra links has an AWFUL font.

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screaming-locust sent: Since things are looking not too good, why not take a short leave without actually working on the comic. When things are better, tell yourself, "Alright, I swear on all the Gods and Goddess and to Myself that I will get this damned thing done!" and start working as like there is no tomorrow. I see it as doing it for the fun, but if its become a problem, you lose motivation, or it becomes a job just take a break or stop before you come to hate it.

Well…I guess a break couldn’t hurt? I mean, I do kinda wanna work on the characters a bit more, and maybe wait until I feel better. I could use this time to plan out future comics and stuff (I usually only plan 2 or 3 comics ahead of the previous one).

I mean, I’ve got a general idea of what I wanna do, I just write stuff out in greater detail when I feel it’s right. I also need to work on more things, like school and my roleplay blog and just not procrastinating in general.

Alright, I guess I will be taking a hiatus from the comic for now. That doesn’t mean I won’t be working on the blog theme, or character bios in my spare time.

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Dearest followers, I’m in a bit of a tough spot…

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Apologies for no recent updates! I’m needing some extra push when it comes to working on page #6….

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An Awful Nuzlocke: Part 5.5


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